Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ten Ways to Help Your Mother Make a Blog

With all the serious posts on this blog lately I have decided to create a more lighthearted post. 

I recently helped my mother set up her very own blog ( Throughout this experience I have learned a lot about how to assist a mother in setting up a blog. Here are my top Ten Ways to Help Your Mother Make a Blog. 

1. Convince her to create a blog. You can do this the way I did. Find someone who needs her expertise (in this case new to homeschooling) and convince her to make a blog to help this person. Be certain to volunteer to help her put it together.

2. Explain urls to her. Make certain that your mother understands how to check the availability of a blog address. Make certain that she has at least five options for possible url addresses. (Who would have thought that New to Homeschooling, Homeschooling on a Shoestring, and Nickels and Dimes would ALL be taken!)

3. Have her set up a separate Google+ account specifically for the blog rather than using her primary email address. Firstly, it is frustrating to upgrade a basic Gmail address to a Google+ account. Secondly, it is better to give out an email address specifically for the blog (like for instance) rather than you personal email address.  

4. Set up the main page for her. Do not let her attempt to set up the page layout. She will become confused and frustrated over Blogger's layout design section.

5. Help her set up a Google+ profile. It is important for bloggers to have a professional looking profile.

6. Explain margins to her. It is a pet peeve when the margins between paragraphs in posts on a blog are not consistent. I once spent an entire evening trying to fix margins in one of my mom's blog posts. An that leads directly into...

7. Tell her not to type the posts in Microsoft Word. Trying to fix compatibility issues between Microsoft Word and Blogger are extremely frustrating! Tell her to type the posts directly in Blogger.

8. Help her set up a "contact" page. This can be done with either a separate email address or a contact form through Google Drive or you could do both (like on our contact page)!

9. Help her come up with subjects for her blog posts. If she gets writer's block, mention something that she is always talking about that goes along with the subject of her blog (In my case it was the co-op posts on my Mom's blog).

10. Read her posts and support her efforts. No matter how often you have to stay up late fixing margins, no matter how many times you have to explain how to add a link, she is still your mother. Remember that you love her.

Well, those are my tips! I hope they helped you. If I missed anything mention it in a comment below or contact me through our contact page. Be certain to let me know if you enjoyed the post. I may do some more top ten lists in the future!

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  1. James, I am forever in your debt. Your Mother


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